Threat Protect Guard Profile - Yaniv Tal

Characteristic of the strong pedigree that Threat Protect guards possess, is none other than Yaniv Tal. An extremely accomplished security operative and a genuinely great guy.

Yaniv spent three years as an infantryman in the Israeli Defence Force as part of the explosives / demolition team. This was followed by a further two years as a covert surveillance operative for the Israeli Taxation Authority.

With over 8 years experience at Threat Protect, Yaniv has a strong knowledge of all operational areas of the group. Specifically, Yaniv is deployed to clients where there is a requirement for surveillance, counter surveillance and investigation.

As a genuine people person, Yaniv enjoys working with his colleagues and the teamwork that exists at Threat Protect.

Yaniv's tips to aspiring guards :

  • Keep calm - "you just can't jump into a situation and expect it to turn out how you expect. You must take a breath and assess a situation"
  • Safety first - "Safety is paramount for a client and one self, being aware and conscious of your surroundings is critical".

Outside of work Yaniv enjoys spending time with his young son and photography.


About Threat Protect 

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