We provide comprehensive investigation services, including risk management consultancy, as a key part of corporate due diligence. With our commercial experience and with a team of highly experienced investigators, we can help identify risks and develop an appropriate risk management strategy.


  • We're able to provide surveillance services in which we record facts and gather evidence as part of due diligence exercises, corporate investigations or background checks.
  • The recording of these facts can be conducted overtly through the use of personnel and CCTV or covertly using hidden cameras and other sophisticated technology.


  • With sophisticated surveillance equipment readily available online, for less than a few hundred dollars, your organisation could be targeted by criminals more easily than you'd think, in developed and developing markets alike.
  • Whether it's a covertly placed camera recording your patented production process or a listening device collecting confidential or market sensitive information for competitors, without appropriate counter surveillance procedures, you may never know who knows your secrets.
  • Threat Protect experts, trained to know exactly where to look and what to look for, can enter your premises and conduct a thorough physical search for any unauthorised devices.
  • Our teams also carry out an electronic sweep to expose any sophisticated recording devices
  • Many of our counter-surveillance clients ask us to sweep boardrooms and CEOs' offices prior to sensitive meetings, or to provide counter-surveillance cover when such meetings are held outside of their premises.


  • The impact of security breaches can be devastating to businesses both small and large, leading to loss of income and damaged reputation.
  • Our consultants have many years of experience in identifying and quantifying such risks, and have carried out security audits and threat assessments, both locally and internationally, to prevent them.
  • These consulting services have been taken advantage of by both multi-national companies and individuals who require an understanding of the security risks that they're exposed to.


  • Threat Protect conducts investigations for corporate clients in a variety of areas.
  • In cases where companies are concerned that employees, ex-employees, partners or associates may be acting fraudulently, or third parties may be using the company's intellectual or other property without consent, we provide a thorough, independent investigation service.
  • Our operational team conduct their investigations under the strictest of confidence and with absolute discretion.
  • All assignments are formalised with a full report and copies of supporting evidence, necessary if legal action is to be implemented.
  • During assignments, the client is kept abreast of the progress at agreed intervals.


  • The identification of risk and the development of an appropriate risk management strategy is a key part of corporate due diligence.
  • Our highly experienced team of investigators can help you uncover:
    • The history and reputation of your potential joint venture partner, whether domestic or international.
    • The financial security of your supplier, partner or associate.
    • The capability of production facilities to meet agreed requirements.
    • The likely security costs associated with a venture.
    • Local and regional competition.
    • The business practices of your supplier, partner or associate, verifying that they align with your own.